A High Mount


60x48 Inches


Inventory#: BRBA-001

Passing Splendor


24x20 Inches


Inventory#: BRBA-002



20x16 Inches


Inventory#: BRBA-003

After the Storm III


18x12 Inches


Inventory#: BRBA-004

Quiet Lustre II


10x15 Inches


Inventory#: BRBA-005

Bruce Brainard

Bruce Brainard was born and raised in a small farming community

nestled under the Tetons in the upper Snake River Valley of

southeastern Idaho. It was at this time that the emotional and

spiritual sensitivities inherit in the landscape were awakened within

him. Those sensitivities were further cultivated while attending BYU

and receiving both his BFA and MFA under the tutelage of Francis

Magelby and Wulf Barsch. His artistic heroes include Caspar David

Friedrich, George Innis, Mark Rothko, Jan Vermeer and many of the

Old Masters.

Bruce has worked professionally as an artist for over for almost

thirty years and his work is included in many collections throughout

the United States.

Bruce loves to paint and feels that art can have great power. He

believes as George Innis said that art is “a language to express

thought ” and as Picasso said, “The purpose of art is to express the

great emotions.” He has the found the most profound emotions aren’t

necessarily the loud, the sentimental, or even the profane, but rather

the quiet, the authentic , and the sacred. He uses the landscape and

seascape to try and express these emotions.

“…a painter should paint not only what he sees before him,

but also what he sees within himself.”

Caspar David Friedrich