After the Rain


24x30 Inches


Inventory#: RJA-006

Aspens in Transition


16x20 Inches


Inventory#: RJA-005

Fall Coming to the Canyon


18x24 Inches


Inventory#: RJA-004

Cactus Amongst Granite


24x18 Inches


Inventory#: RJA-003

Teton Sunrise


20x24 Inches


Inventory#: RJA-002

Morning Light on the Point


30x20 Inches


Inventory#: RJA-001

Rusty Jones

I do not choose the landscape, it chooses me. I’m drawn to it and
the urge to express myself with paint is overwhelming. Mother
Nature is a terrific designer but sometimes she needs a little help
when it comes to painting her likeness on canvas.
Plein air painting, in particular, is the purest form of artistic
expression because you do not have time to mull things over. You
see what’s in front of you, you mix a color and you put it down with
authority. I will drive for days just to have the opportunity to paint
a particular location like the California Coast, Rocky Mountain
National Park or Big Bend here in Texas. Painting the landscape
allows me to emotionally connect with it and in short two hour
bursts of energy, emotion, inspiration and gusto create something
totally unique.
Every painting I have sold it is because the buyer made an
emotional connection to it. If I have created something that
reminds someone of something special in their life, then I have
reached out and touched their heart with my art. How cool is that?