Opening January 16th 2020

In a world filled with voices, it can be achingly impossible to find the quiet peace.  We all hold on to something different that gives us our meaning.  This show is not to sway or persuade, but rather to radiate the fervent desire to find your own inspiration - whatever it may be.  Hold on to what speaks calm, hope, peace, joy and inspiration.  Find the one voice that helps quiet out the others, and then live life inspired.
We invite you to join us as we share our inspiration with you;  breathe deeply and focus on the truth that brings you peace.  Find your truth, and live life inspired.



2020 Workshops

(Information forthcoming)

MARCH Randall Sexton March 25,26,27 Flash Forward to Expressive Brushstrokes
APRIL Michele Usibelli April 6,7,8 All About Color
APRIL Jim Wodark April 15,16,17 Lets Talk Color
MAY Linda Glover Gooch May 13,14,15